Versailles & Burgundy, France

Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles)


A UNESCO’s World Heritage site, the Palace of Versailles has been the epitome of the 18th century French Art. Started as being the hunting lodge for Louis XIII, it has been the home of 3 French kings until its function was converted to become the Museum of the History of France, housing various collections that trace the milestones in French history.



Due to time constraint, we only managed to visit the gardens of this grand and historical palace. It was a cold and foggy morning; a walk through the huge beautiful gardens amidst the perfectly trimmed and lined trees, golden fountains, misty lakes and consistent white stone human structures dotting the entire gardens felt rather mystical and meditative.



Burgundy (Bourgogne)


Burgundy is well known as a wine region. We went to a 14th century castle, Château Chasselas for wine tasting and factory visit. The wine didn’t really taste exceptionally good actually (based on my individual preference), but the environment was superb.


Beautiful landscapes of rolling vineyards after vineyards in the whole region, almost every house has a backyard that grows vines! It would be interesting to go for a gastronomy tour of the region one day. Stayed at Ibis Macon, Bourgogne du sud (southern Burgundy), which served excellent breakfast. Generally, the French croissants taste really good.


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