Switzerland PART 2 : Congregation of the cows

I’m not sure if this happens in all of Switzerland, but in Lauterbrunnen, you can always hear the sound of bells, in various octaves, at any time of day. Morning, afternoon, dusk and night. They are not necessarily from the local church (that too, of course); but from the cows, and the sheeps, and the goats.


Every cow and sheep and goat seems to be wearing a bell on their neck. It seems to be the “in” thing to do. The bells have various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Most have their names, and sometimes pictures too. Almost like they are fashion accessories. Some wore really gigantic ones, which look like they weigh a tonne. So when they walk, or make any head movements, the bells chime.

So imagine a hundred cows taking a morning walk along the “high-street” in the village (it’s the only passable road for vehicles and cattle). That’s what we came across when we took our morning walk. And of course, we have to give way to the cows, if we don’t want to run into them or their dung which were all over the roads.


So that particular morning, these cows were going to the “town hall” (a wide space clearing in front of the town church) for a congregation. A hundred cows must be assembled there, lined up properly in orderly fashion, god knows for what. And they were obediently standing there for at least 3 hours. How do i know this? Coz i was there in the morning, and in the mid afternoon, they were still there, cow for cow, unmoved. It was like an annual general assembly of some sort. Perhaps they have to sing the national anthem too; i can’t understand cow language to tell for sure!

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