Switzerland PART 3 : Roomies with Hewey & Dewey

Two blokes who were “almost-strangers”. What else do you call guys whom you know nothing of except their first names and country of origin for 4 days? Why have to room with strangers? Coz the little Hotel Schutzen in Lauterbrunnen village where we were staying at for the next 2 nights has only that many twin rooms and the rest are quad-sharing. It was, however, the nicest and cosiest hotel we stayed, clean and comfortable rooms with stunning views of the village, and it was located next to a waterfall.


Well, these 2 blokes turned out to be rather decent guys, and so we made friends with Hewey and Dewey ( 🙂 Leandro and Steve), an unlikely pair; a Brazilian working in London, and an American ex-marine based in Kuwait. They were really cute in the first few days; Leandro was all the time wanting to talk and take pictures of himself, and asking Steve to do all sorts of positions for him. And poor Steve was sulking all the time and hiding under his hood pretending to look invisible since day one; he hardly smiled or opened his mouth, we almost thought he was deaf and mute! (We later found out why.)


Well, Steve turned out to be a pretty cool guy, when he finally decided to open his mouth; and took us all to the nice little village pub in the corner, Horner’s Pub; and bought us all a huge stein of Swiss beer each and for Ming “caffe lutz”, a traditional swiss recipe for cold, a mixture of coffee and schnapps/ liquor. He taught us to play American pub games too, “Chicken Up”.

It was a fun night, though we were all shivering in cold while walking towards the pub. It was snowing up in the mountains the whole day, so the temperature in the village that night was close to a chilling zero degrees.

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