Switzerland PART 4 : My First Snowfall

Borrowing an almost-stranger’s oversized jacket and gloves, and never got a chance to return them properly.

Well it all started coz of my stupidity in leaving my own jacket up in the plane, leaving me with a pathetic thin sweater for the rest of the trip. No way i can wear that up to Jungfraujoch. So i asked our little Carly and Uncle Bryan where we can buy cheap winter wear. They have no idea it seems, and unlike Chinese tours, no shopping stops at all.

So Bryan asked why i wanna buy this and buy that on a holiday, it is expensive everywhere in Europe. So i told him, if you wanna borrow me your jacket then i wouldn’t have to buy it. And borrowed me his jacket was exactly what he did! He was even kind enough to bring a slightly smaller sized one for me, knowing he was easily 4 sizes larger than me, plus his oversized warm gloves too. I so appreciate this; he hardly knew me at all, but he was willing to borrow me his stuff like this. So i didn’t have to buy any additional jackets just for this trip. 🙂  3 cheers for Uncle Bryan!



My first snowfall  

This was my happiest moment in the entire trip. Enfin! Finally i got a taste of what real snow feels like when falling all over me and tasting it too… miam! It was also a pleasant coincidence that snowfall happened on the very day i went up to Jungfraujoch, coz it wasn’t snowing there for the rest of the duration i was in Europe, either before or after that day. It was still Autumn, after all. It was truly a lucky strike for me! 🙂



Sprinting up 4 flights of stairs in high speed in high-altitude (3,571m / 11,782 feet) wearing heavy winter attire…

This happened in Jungfraujoch again. Like a kid seeing snow for the first time, i was too excited to wait for the lifts or read the notices pasted all over the stairs. So, as usual, dressed as heavily as i was, took 2 steps at a time and ran all the way up to the 4th or 5th floor.

Before we reached the 4th flight of stairs, i suddenly realised that i have difficulty breathing, slightly dizzy, and immobilised too. Looking back, i saw the rest of my party have already all stopped and panting, some still lagging behind on the 2nd floor. I was thinking that i must be getting old, can’t even go up 4 flights of stairs? I definitely needed more exercise back home!

Then i have to stop for a few secs coz my heart felt like being ripped out of my chest…, and while catching my breath, i finally read what was written on the notices on the stairs: “Please ascend slowly due to high pressure.” I was at the Top of Europe, after all.



To be continued in Switzerland PART 5 : Jungfraujoch


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