Switzerland PART 5 : Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe


Making snow angel at the Top of Europe (Jungfraujoch).

Well this was something i had wanted to do for a long time. Not as exciting as i thought it seems, as the snow on the ground was not nearly as thick as i hoped, and the ground was quite hard and my snow angel was only half visible. I’ll do a better one at another place at another time.



Breaking my favourite sunglasses into 2 while taking a picture

Truly unbelievable. No, it didn’t happen while i was doing the snow angel, it happened right before, when i was trying to imitate a European taking a very cool pic while lying belly down on the snowy slope at the plateau. I did the exact same thing, only thing i have forgotten that my sunglasses was inside my left pocket of my jacket, and no matter how durable it was, it couldn’t take my heavy weight, so there goes. 🙁



Sticking my head out of a moving train just to feel the heavy snowfall hitting on my face and tongue.

I was standing in the Jungfraubahn all the way through the exciting journey back from Jungraujoch to Kleine Scheidegg and then continue on with the Wengernalpbahn back to Lauterbrunnen. It was snowing the whole day and it got heavier as we descended through the alpine villages.



I couldn’t get enough of snow so i had to stick my head and tongue out to taste it. It was sensational. The landscape comprises of rows upon rows of green and white Christmas trees blurring by, clusters of small villages at each green valley, cozy little cottages with snow covered roofs, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and all the snowy mountains surrounding them. This was what made up the scenery along the train journey. Felt somewhat like travelling in the Hogwart’s Express.


I now understood why the Switzerland map is so difficult to read and interpret; there are hardly any road names, just mountain names. And the real terrain look exactly like what is represented in the maps, even the color is similar. Awesome. Too bad the snow turned into rain when we reached Lauterbrunnen as the altitude was much lower there. It was a most amazing day.


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