Italy – Florence to Pisa

Florence/ Firenze, Tuscany

Hmm…, i don’t seem to have much memory of Florence, except that the local guide spoke in heavy Italian accent and her stories were real boring. I only caught one word that kept repeating itself – “Medici”. In Italy, they don’t allow tour guides from any other countries operating there, so it is a must to use one of their own.


Used to be the capital of Italy, Florence is one of the older cities in Italy and very rich in artistic and architectural heritage. Many old buildings with important historical significance can be observed here. (Most unfortunately, i did not pay attention to all the names of these buildings and the stories behind them, and Renaissance History is not exactly my favourite subject… Ooops…!). There were many sculptures here too; Michaelangelo’s David, Hercules, Neptune, Medussa…. can’t really tell what their relations with the city was, though.


Oh, and the hostel we stayed at was a vast opposite of Schutzen in Lauterbrunnen. Room was huge (with 5 beds!) and cold and unfriendly, with lights that don’t work and uncomfortable beds.

Other than that, it was too short time spent in this city to leave any lasting impressions, i guess.



Only one hour here (Ready, get set, GO!) : To walk from and then back to the place where the bus dropped us; to look for and queue for the restrooms; to find a place to eat lunch; to pose for pictures with various compromising positions with the Leaning Tower of Pisa; to browse through the stretch of souvenir stores; and to walk around the huge and beautiful La Piazza del Duomo grounds while soaking in all the sights and stealing some express snapshots in between, if you are quick enough. Phew!!! (Inhaling deeply……..)



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