Dolomites to Austria

No staying here, just passing through but the most amazing scenery awaits. A feast to the eyes, but only for those who managed to stay awake in the coach along the journey! The mighty Italian Dolomite mountains are truly magnificent. (No pink & orange cliffs as advertised, but still breathtaking to look at, nevertheless!)



Stopped at a very cosy little lakeside coffee house for our morning break, with the Dolomite mountains behind it and a frozen lake in front. Yes, it was a frozen lake (it was 0oC here), but not completely frozen yet as my feet cracked the ice the moment i stepped onto the surface. Can’t exactly skate on it just yet!



Crossing into Austria, the landscape totally changed from that of Italy. Even the foliage looks different here. Multicolor foliage can be seen everywhere: green, yellow, red, burgundy, in various shades of them, sometimes even all within the same tree! So this is what autumn looks like in Europe. Dreamy alpine peaks amidst green mountains, vast green fields dotted with sheep and grazing cows, rivers and valleys, and cities, towns and villages all neatly tucked in between. Felt almost like breaking into song : “The hills are alive…. with the sound of music…”



Absolutely stunning. Austria is indeed a beautiful country. Too bad we didn’t have a chance to make a stop here. Will surely come back for a real taste of Austria. Soon. Like what Maria used to say : “I just can’t help it, the hills are beckoning me…!!”

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