My Italian dining experience

Italy must be the country where i dined out the most, i think. It was because (i thought) i’ll like Italian food compared to other European food. The first meal was the one i enjoyed the most. Although it was the cheapest and at the most uncomfortable place, the food was the best. It was simple old pizza.

Our little Carly’s favourite joint with cute Italian boys as wait staffs, we took a bus all the way to town late at night just to have dinner there. It was a takeout place, so no tables there. €5 can buy you a big badass slice of pizza, a cold drink and 2 big scoops of gelato. Quite a deal.


It was exceptionally cold that night, it must be 3-4 oC or even less. We followed Carly’s & Dean’s very quick footsteps through the dark city of Venice at 10.00pm, crossing uncountable bridges over black canals, weaving in and out of the deserted dark and narrow alleys. Like alleycats out looking for food. And hungry alleycats we were that night, being starved since an early brunch. So, we bought the stuff and ate it while sitting at the curb on the street, teeth chattering cold as we were.


The pizza slice was really big, steamy hot and absolutely sensational, but only for 30 secs. Coz the cold weather made it cold in no time. Anyway, cold pizza we gobbled up too, and the cold coke… hmm… and lastly, the smooth and heavenly Italian gelato that never seem to melt. We ate it all the way walking back to the bus stop. Delicious!

Another meal we had was the spaghetti with black cuttlefish, I ordered this simply out of curiosity for the name. And it definitely lived up to its name. It looked like black tar mixed with engine oil splashed over spaghetti. Totally yucky! But the taste was the opposite of its looks. Very yummy indeed, chunky black cuttlefish with every bite.

And then suddenly the whole table was starring at and laughing at me. I had no idea why, until one of them snapped a photo and showed me. I looked like a Goth with badly applied black lipstick, black tongue, and black teeth! Yucks! I looked like something out of a horror movie! But i must admit, it was quite funny too! The unique and tasty meal was well worth the awful goth look!


On an average basis, for between €8 – €11 you can buy yourself a decent meal in a nice little restaurant in Venice. If you are looking for cheaper meals, go to the outer islands of Venice where the crowd is lesser, such as Lido or Murano, the restaurants there are generally cheaper and you can probably save yourself a few Euros for the same type of food you are getting.

Oh, for coffee lovers, if you just want a regular coffee, like the coffee you get everywhere else, never order “Coffee”. Coz in Italy, “Coffee” means Italian coffee, a tiny cup half filled with black and very bitter “coffee”. Something like an expresso. So, to order your coffee, you must be very specific while ordering – American coffee or other variant, black or otherwise, with or without milk, the serving size, and other criteria etc…

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2 Responses to My Italian dining experience

  1. Mario says:

    Wow, you are telling from my heart. I was there only one short day but the things you are reporting here bring me back to that amazing place. I cannot imagine how to find the way in a chilly, dark winter night there. I was hardly able to find the way in the brightness of a sunny spring day. But the meals and take aways are delicious indeed.
    Best wishes from Germany, Mario

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mario, yes, it was an unforgettable experience indeed, navigating those narrow alleyways in the dark, and yes, i missed Italian food too (yummy!), but i’m sure you’ve brought a few recipes home to Ludwigslust?? 🙂 Hmm… when are we gonna try Chef Roesler’s homemade pizza, or Thüringer Bratwurst? Hehe…. 😉
      Oh anyway, Danke für die Grüße von Caorle und Oberhof. Sie sind schön. 🙂

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