Germany – Munich

Munich / München


Only 2 hours to see this capital city of Bavaria. Didn’t manage to explore much of the city in such limited time, only took a walk at the famous square in the city centre known as Marienplatz. Not quite enough to see the 3rd largest city in Germany, but enough to know i like it more than Paris or London. The city streets certainly look more friendly, at least.


There was a part in the streets where props were put up and everyone was welcomed to join and play circus games, like tight rope walking, skipping, juggling, one-wheel cycling, balancing on a board while playing bat games, etc. A pretty interesting and creative way to encourage members of the public to engage in outdoor sports and activities.


Even the souvenirs here look more authentic. At least, they sell stuff that are made in Germany, not made in China. Some interesting souvenirs particular to Germany are cuckoo clocks, and decorative beer steins made of ceramic with colourful 3D designs and a pewter top cover. They are available in various sizes and shapes.

Lowenbraukeller – traditional beerhall where we had a local german dinner of roasted pork served with sauerkraut and a pint of Lowenbrau beer, from the tap. And not forgetting the cutest german waiter who served us, he has the rosiest complexion and wearing what i think is a traditional costume: white shirt with knee-length leather tights. Oh, and we actually played American pub games here too, our favourite “Chicken up”. We banged the table so hard till all the germans looked at us like we just came out from the jungle!


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