Germany – Rhine Valley

St. Goar to Boppard, Rhine Valley


Took a cruise along the Rhine River from St Goar to Boppard. Pretty views all along the way as we passed through the smaller towns all along the river and the occasional medieval castle perched high up in the hills.



Boppard is another place which i enjoyed. Hotel is located right next to the Rhine River which is the longest river in Europe. Boppard is a small riverside town with only one high street full of shops, but many hotels, beerhalls and taverns here. Quiet and peaceful, food is great, and the people are friendlier too. Wouldn’t mind staying here for a while longer.


 Food is generally nice and cheap in Germany, as compared to other European countries we went. Ibis Munich served great breakfast, and the Rheinlust served great buffet dinner. And the curry bratwurst was worth mentioning too. Will definitely have more of it in Berlin soon, the hometown of currywurst! Miam!



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