Amsterdam Red Light District


“Rain rain go away, come again another day!” T’was the song we were singing all along the way from Volendam to Amsterdam, unfortunately the rain still did not go away. By the time we reached Amsterdam city, it was at night and we only managed to walk around the red light district. Interesting observations though…

 Red Light District

Netherlands is a country where prostitution and drugs is legal, or shall we say “not criminalised”. Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District is the place where they can be actively observed carrying out their daily businesses. Numerous sex shops, “coffee shops” and sex museums dwell on every corner.

Shop front windows consist of small little cubicles with clear glass windows and a girl wearing nothing but skimpy underwear standing behind it, parading her wares. All along the streets are full of these small windows. People walking outside “window shopping” will look at them if they will, and if one of the guys took his pick, the girl will then open the door for him, and negotiation begins. Once negotiation is done, the curtains will be drawn shut for her window, and “business” commence.

Each girl has a bouncer, or some prefer to be called plain clothed security personnel. Taking photos is strictly prohibited in this whole red light district. If you are caught doing it, your camera will be thrown into the canal before you can say “cheese”. If you are unluckier still, some of the girls keep small jars of urine with them for just such purpose, they won’t hesitate to splash it all over you. Or it could get even more messy… Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Bars are categorised into few types, some are just for drinking, some are for drinking and smoking (marijuana), some hang a colourful rainbow flag outside which means it is a gay bar, and some has a blue red and purple flag with a red heart in the middle which means it is a bondage bar. Oh, and for those interested in “smoking”, the places to look for are called “coffee shops”. So be very careful what type of bar you are entering. And for those trying the coffee shop delights, do remember to enquire as to the type of strand and whether or not it is sativa or indica as these strands achieve different types of highs, depending on your individual preference and requirements.


Striptease and naked pole dancing

So we have decided to enter a striptease pole dancing bar, just to see what it was like. When we entered, we saw 2 semi-naked women dancing on the bar top with 2 poles. The guys were all standing at the corners of the room, quite a distance from the bar, all the bar stools were empty. We thought, those were the best seats, why don’t we sit there? But we have decided not to (for good measure), and later we found out why they were empty.

After pole dancing for a while, the girls will strip and then they will come around the bar and start asking the guys if they wanna have a private dance for €10. If a guy was interested, he will move to sit at a bar stool, and the girl will start “dancing” with him. The guys however, do not touch the girls, unless the girls allow them to. Dutch guys seem pretty polite here. They just sit there with their hands at their sides and let the girls do the work.

After the “dance” is done, the girl will then slap on her own ass and ask the guy to do the same, it means “end of session and pay up.” The girl then goes back up to the bar and continue pole dancing, until the next private session comes along. So if you don’t want any private sessions, stay away from the bar stools!


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