Perth… and A Small Radius – PART 2

Continued from : Perth… and A Small Radius – PART 1

Well, as the title clearly illustrates, the places described here are merely located within a humble radius from the Perth city. This is due to our various travel limitations, which i would rather spare you the details here.

So, let’s begin with our favourite “blue eye boy” of Perth, Freo.




Fremantle or Freo, as fondly called by the locals, is i guess, the most popular destination city and a must-go for tourists visiting Perth, probably due to its close proximity to the city and its interesting attractions. Freo is located 20km at the south west from Perth, where the Swan River ends at the shores of the Indian Ocean. It was primarily a port city where convicts used to land and detained. Some of the buildings in this city were built by convict labour.

The most notable attraction in Freo must be the famous Fremantle Markets and the fresh seafood restaurants along the fishing boat harbour.


Freo Markets – open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Among items available here are a variety of fresh foods, clothing, jarrah and merino products, healthcare products, interesting arts and crafts, gifts and souvenirs.



Other attractions in Freo : Shipwreck galleries & Maritime Museum, E Shed Markets, South Beach, Fremantle Prison, Roundhouse (180-year-old gaol, the oldest remaining building in Western Australia), Arthur’s Head Reserve, Esplanade area, Cappuccino Strip (row of shops, cafes and pubs in heritage buildings). You can either walk or take the free CAT to explore this city.




Swan Valley Wine Tasting



A most sensational tour to the Swan Valley, one of Western Australia’s oldest and finest wine growing region located just 20 minutes’ drive from Perth city. We visited 5 wineries and 1 brewery, 2 cheese platter tastings and a chocolate tasting too…. hmmm… truly a feast to the senses, a mouth watering treat, and a “gut-testing” experience too….. With more than 45 different wines to taste, a full glass of beer, 10 different cheeses, uncountable types of chocolates and handmade truffles, oh, and a full lunch platter of various delicious stuff (salami, samosa, salad, cheese and huge glass of wine); all to stomach within a few hours, my only advise is, just don’t go there with a kiasu mentality. 😉




The art of wine tasting, the 5S – Stem, Swirl, Sniff, Sip, Savor. That’s the correct and proper order to taste your wine. First you hold the wine glass on its stem, to avoid the heat from your palms warming up the wine. Then swirl the glass to aerate the wine, or letting the wine breathe; basically this is to allow the wine to maximise its exposure to the surrounding air so its aromas will open up. This is when you take a sniff, and let your senses absorb the aromatic flavour of the wine. After this you may proceed to sip the wine, but don’t swallow it just yet. Let it rest in your mouth a moment, savor the taste as the wine slowly flows through the parts of your tongue that best absorb the flavours of it. Mmm…….



The wineries we’ve visited – Water’s Edge, Lancaster (with cheese tasting too), Windy Creek, Sitella (with lunch platter), Chesters, Elmar’s (brewery), and of course, not forgetting the wonderful world of chocolate at the Margaret River Chocolate Company.




“Wine is adult fruit juice. Wine is good to share. Wine is red, white or in between. Wine is for everyone. Wine is yummy. Wine is good. With cheese wine is seductive. Wine is love in a bottle. Wine is….FULLY SIC!”  😉

~ (Lancaster’s blackboard)


A beautiful tranquil town by the sea, about 70km from Perth city. Should take about an hour’s drive or less, but it took us about 1.5 hours to, and 2.5 hours back, although we were from half the distance away. What happened? “Triply unremarkable” happened; we have to take 2 buses and 1 train to reach there, and back too. Phew!



Nevertheless, the trip was rather rewarding. A vibrant aquatic city built around waterways and canals, Mandurah is certainly a pretty place to visit, especially around its Ocean Marina area & Dolphin Quay with all the lined up fishing vessels, excellent seafood restaurants and alfresco cafes, shops and viewing platforms. The Venice Trail is a walking route that leads you around the canal areas, allowing you to admire all the magnificent mansions that line the canals. Dolphin Cruises are also available here, as local bottle-nose dolphins are known to like to “hang out” at this area and most often sighted playing around the boats.


Art in various forms and sizes are found at every corner in Mandurah city.

Enjoy a seafood dinner while watching sunset at the harbour. Chilli mussels at Nino’s, Dolphin Quay – a must try!


Hillary’s Boat Harbour & Sorrento Quay

Another seaside area somewhat like Mandurah, but significantly smaller in size. There’s also a water adventure park, the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) and a Marine Discovery Centre located here.





Cottlesloe & Swanbourne Beaches

Cottesloe Beach is most popular for sunset viewing, unfortunately we were met with rainy weather almost everyday so no sunset for us. A good walk along the beach or the dunes though. Extremely windy on the day of our visit. The big strong waves draw many surfers here too.




Swanbourne is supposed to be a nude beach, but i guess due to the rainy and cold weather, there was not a soul seen in the beach that day, nude or otherwise.

Well, that’s about all of the surrounding areas of Perth that I am able to share with you today. Apologies for not being able to provide more information on the “bigger radius”. Haha… That is saved for your own exploration to this part of Western Australia. 😉

For more on Perth, check out Perth… and A Small Radius – PART 1

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  1. Leeming says:

    The chilly mussel at Nino’s was really awesome! And it was extremely spicy too! Never expected an Australian dish to be so spicy, wonder how the locals there take it.

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