Adelaide – PART 2

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A day in Adelaide Hills – Hahndorf


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Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement, dated back to 1839. It is I suppose, one of the places where the Germans would label as “Historische Stadtchen”. Bigger than the previous 3 Scottish villages, Hahndorf is a historic village unique with lots of German influence everywhere, complete with German flags, cuckoo clocks, beer steins and cowbells, and of course, German bratwurst.

20140513_132525       20140513_153801_Main St

20140513_153818_Main St       20140513_142440

20140513_135455  20140513_151502_Mt Barker Rd  C360_2014-05-13-13-38-28-920

20140513_104257       20140513_121805

20140513_140035       20140513_140141

Strolling along the main street lined with historic little stone buildings, little sidewalk cafes, galleries and knick knacks stores with all the red maple leaves all around…. There is romance in the air in Hahndorf indeed… 😉

C360_2014-05-13-13-37-50-292       C360_2014-05-13-10-31-56-336

20140513_133603       20140513_142529

20140513_115736_Mt Barker Rd       20140513_153507


Glenelg Beach

This charming seaside town is just 10km from the city centre, it is where South Australia begins, the original site of SA’s mainland settlement in 1836, where the first Englishmen arrived in a ship called HMS Buffalo, the replica of which is still there on the shore, only it is now a restaurant.

C360_2014-05-14-11-19-57-886       C360_2014-05-14-17-22-48-002

20140514_100040       20140514_095015

20140514_102705       20140514_102609

The tram from the city takes you directly onto Jetty Road and Moseley Square, where the start of a range of walking trails begins. There’s the Heritage Trail, Proclamation Trail, Early Glenelg route, Glenelg Village route and the Mansions route, etc,… But let’s forget all the trails and just walk and enjoy the scenic seaside and the jetty area. Hehe. 😉

20140514_123217       20140514_123342

20140514_110020       20140514_141613_Esplanade

Well we also took a bus from Glenelg to Henley Beach and then onwards to Grange Jetty. Not too advisable if you don’t have too much time to spare. Bus journey takes about 30-40 minutes and not too frequent, so a lot of time is spent waiting or walking to & from the bus stop.

The seaside cafe overloooking the Grange Jetty where we met 2 gigantic dogs and had the biggest cup of cold strawberry milkshake on a hot sunny day. Ahhhhhh…..!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

20140514_143055       20140514_143246

20140514_140750       20140514_152943_Seaview Rd

Watching seagulls and pelicans waiting patiently for their fish.

20140514_123941 20140514_140448_Seaview Rd 20140514_123943

20140514_143325_Esplanade       20140514_140810

Sunset in Glenelg. Almost missed it due to the Henley and Grange trip. Well luckily we still managed to catch a glimpse of it before it disappears down the horizon. It certainly felt good walking barefooted on the beach at dusk and feeling the coolness on your toes as they weaved in and out of the cool and fine white sand. 🙂

20140514_171806_Moseley Square       20140514_173816_Glenelg Jetty20140514_154843       20140514_14334220140514_161759       20140514_16174920140514_170854_Moseley Square       20140514_162304


Cycling the River Torrens Linear Park Trail

What a beautiful autumn morning to cycle alongside the scenic River Torrens. Cool weather, quiet & peaceful area, scenic route; feasting your eyes upon the colors green, red, yellow and blue in various vibrant shades all along the 9.6 km route.

20140515_103916       20140515_102618

20140515_110621       20140515_101819

20140515_102906       20140515_112019

20140515_113025       20140515_110345

20140515_103339       20140515_104213

20140515_120217       20140515_100418

Barossa Valley

Picturesque rolling hills overlooking colourful patchwork of vineyards. Claimed to be one of the world’s greatest wine regions, where some of the best premium wines in the world are produced.

20140515_145306       20140515_145829

Barossa has its own unique collection of small towns and villages, it would be a good idea if you don’t have time limitations, to drive around the close to 2000 square kilometres region made up of beautiful countryside and visit all the small villages or taste some of the homemade wines, mead and port from the smaller winemakers; or better still, arrange a homestay at one of the cute country cottages with a friendly host who can dish up some wholesome home-cooked meals made from fresh local produce. Mmmm….. 🙂

However if you have time or/and cost constraint and but still wanted a taste of the Barossa then following a day tour or a half day tour would be the next best thing. If possible, include a lunch at one of the boutique wineries too.

20140515_144023       20140515_144611

20140515_150717 20140515_152501_Lily Farm Rd 20140515_160645_Barossa Valley Way

Some of the wineries we visited : Chateau Yaldara (MacGuigan Wines), Grant Burge (boutique wineries) and Chateau Dorrien (family owned – port, honey mead).

20140515_161339       20140515_161401

20140515_155358_Barossa Valley Way       20140515_162026

20140515_145013       20140515_145256

Victor Harbour & McLaren Vale

Strathalbyn antique street, Goolwa, Port Elliot, Murray River Mouth and the beginning of the Coorong National Park.

20140516_102438       20140516_101931

20140516_125557       20140516_121920_Chappel Rd

Victor Harbour and the Causeway /Tramway to Granite Island. What is in Granite Island? Well we didn’t have much time to explore the whole island, so we only saw the penguins. It was certainly a cute bunch of fairy penguins, all of which were injured at some point and being rescued into this rehabilitation centre.

20140516_140947_Esplanade       20140516_131702

20140516_131505       20140516_141740

20140516_142024       20140516_142649

Fairy penguins at the Penguin Rehabilitation Centre, with little Jane (the loner/ antisocial penguin) in the distance, having some “me” time. 😉



For more on Adelaide, see : Adelaide – PART 1

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