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Okuhida – Onsen Haven

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5 onsen districts nestled in the nature amidst the mountains of the alpine region: Hirayu Onsen, Fukuji , Shin Hirayu, Tocchio and Shin Hotaka, together, boast the most open air hot springs baths than anywhere else in Japan. With more … Continue reading

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Gokayama, Toyama Prefecture

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Toyama Prefecture, just north of Gifu Prefecture, records the third highest snowfall in the world. (First and second places also fall in Japan coincidentally). Accumulating sometimes up to 2 metres of snow, it is indeed no coincidence that I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture

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Pic : Idyllic beauty of the Shirakawa-go village from the Shiroyama viewpoint, gassho houses dotting the landscape  of Ogimaci shrouded in the white blanket of winter. UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Gassho-Zukuri Villages consist of 3 historic villages in Central Japan:  … Continue reading

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Hida Takayama

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This is the centre and where we are based to explore the rest of the Gifu Prefecture. Surrounded by the Northern Alps of Japan and known as Little Kyoto, it is a friendly town with a long and rich history, and … Continue reading

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Chubu Region, Central Japan

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   This was my third trip to Japan, and I still haven’t had enough of this clean beautiful country with the most appealing sceneries (Well, any scenery with a white snow wash is considered appealing to me!! So I’m totally … Continue reading

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