NZ South Island – PART 1

IMG-20150725-WA0041                Pic : Edoras, Rohan


Flight route : KL – Singapore – Sydney – Christchurch. Transited in Sydney for half a day. This route was rather time consuming and exhausting but able to save at least RM1k for the journey. If you want to make use of the transit time in Sydney to visit the city, you’ll need to obtain an Australian visa (valid for a year), which could be easily done at any local tour agencies for RM30.


Some of the sights in and around Sydney harbourfront area :

C360_2015-07-07-06-26-54-893       C360_2015-07-07-06-38-31-826

C360_2015-07-07-06-34-12-534       C360_2015-07-07-05-39-39-110

Circular Quay, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Fisherman’s Wharf, Darling Harbour, and the ever popular Sydney Fish Market.

C360_2015-07-07-07-57-15-097       C360_2015-07-07-07-56-36-285

20150707_073531       C360_2015-07-07-06-05-50-277

I thought there must be “FISH” stamped on our foreheads as at least 3 or 4 Australians who walked past us automatically, without asking, pointed us to the direction of the Fish Market. I find this odd as we didn’t even sound out loud that we were heading to the Fish Market. Well my curiosity got answered when I reached there – the Fish Market was absolutely full of Chinese and Asian looking folks! 😉

C360_2015-07-07-09-15-25-971       C360_2015-07-07-09-24-09-809

C360_2015-07-07-09-48-00-428       C360_2015-07-07-05-40-03-449


The largest city in South Island and the third most populous urban area in NZ, however, seem like a rather quiet and unhappening city, with (unbelievably) sparse traffic on the roads.

C360_2015-07-09-08-57-00-392       C360_2015-07-10-14-27-27-806

C360_2015-07-10-14-27-02-501       C360_2015-07-10-13-28-11-528

It was business as usual for this quiet city, though many parts of Christchurch are still in a state of repair and reconstruction since the great earthquake of 2011. The city centre has a rather slow paced, quiet and serene feel to it, and population was seemingly low, as many have apparently moved out of here since the earthquake.

Christchurch Cathedral – partially destroyed by the 2011 earthquake

C360_2015-07-08-16-18-25-369       C360_2015-07-08-16-19-39-925

Re:Start Mall (container mall) – a shopping complex which consist of a cluster of shops, cafes, bank and retail establishments built entirely in shipping containers. This is probably due to the fact that its location was smack at the centre of the quake, hence nobody dared to build anything more permanent on, around or near it.

C360_2015-07-08-14-23-23-031       C360_2015-07-08-14-25-08-535

C360_2015-07-08-14-27-17-633       C360_2015-07-08-14-32-34-936

L-R : Cardboard cathedral – a cathedral made from cardboard; 185 Empty White Chairs – each representing a life lost in the 2011 earthquake; One of the giant pop up artworks dotting the streets of Christchurch; A creative mural if i’m not mistaken by its style, painted by none other than the Belgian street artist ROA.

C360_2015-07-17-21-12-21-462       C360_2015-07-17-21-20-30-678

C360_2015-07-08-16-17-25-321       C360_2015-07-09-08-57-55-618

Gondola ride – rainy day, couldn’t see much of the view at the top.

C360_2015-07-10-09-53-27-906       20150708_123431

City Tram – a good way for city sightseeing and experience the traditional mode of transport in these beautifully restored trams at the same time. Some of the sights include Cathedral Square, Punting on the Avon, Canterbury Museum, Rolleston House, Art Centres, Regent Street, Hagley Park and Victoria Square among others.

C360_2015-07-08-16-07-49-152       C360_2015-07-08-15-35-01-223

C360_2015-07-08-15-36-59-600       C360_2015-07-08-15-45-26-262

C360_2015-07-08-10-03-45-237       C360_2015-07-08-11-28-54-995

C360_2015-07-08-15-56-11-758       C360_2015-07-10-14-24-43-761

C360_2015-07-08-15-53-58-723       20150708_165020

Christchurch Botanical Garden

C360_2015-07-10-13-58-22-925 C360_2015-07-10-14-15-37-284 20150710_135701


In a nutshell, this tour basically brings you far into the high country to see a big piece of rock. That’s right. Well it wasn’t any ordinary piece of rock though; it is THE piece of rock you actually see in the LOTR movies, where Edoras and Rohan was located. Though a little too pricey for the kind of experience, we did get to see Edoras the real movie settings and a glimpse of Helm’s Deep too; walked on the middle of a frozen lake, as well as played with some cool LOTR weapons with fellow ringers.  😛

20150709_135454       C360_2015-07-09-14-29-57-633

20150709_135137       C360_2015-07-09-12-59-45-870

C360_2015-07-09-12-11-20-315       C360_2015-07-09-13-20-57-060

Lake Clearwater – totally frozen, you can take a walk (or skate if you dare) all the way from one end to the other.

20150709_122846       20150709_160321

C360_2015-07-09-12-24-10-503       C360_2015-07-09-12-34-12-919

C360_2015-07-09-12-21-17-852       C360_2015-07-09-12-21-21-163

IMG-20150715-WA0028       20150709_122921

Picnicking with cold sandwich and champagne in the freezing Edoras.

20150709_143601       20150709_143443

C360_2015-07-09-13-48-38-527       20150709_160530

Toying around with Aragorn and Gimli wanabes….. (Hey Gimli, bring back the axe….!!)

C360_2015-07-09-14-17-09-001       C360_2015-07-09-14-55-30-467

C360_2015-07-09-14-57-38-693 C360_2015-07-09-14-57-49-695 C360_2015-07-09-14-09-59-514 C360_2015-07-09-14-13-05-146

IMG-20150715-WA0025       IMG-20150715-WA0027

Stopping by to feed some cute mountain goats over the electric fence. Fun day after all! 😀

C360_2015-07-09-15-34-41-357       C360_2015-07-09-15-35-44-794


The journey continues in …. NZ South Island – PART 2

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  1. Sharon Ho says:

    Such a lifetime experience for me to see myself stepped on the beautiful land of South Island. Thank you for the efforts of posting all these breathtaking and memorable photos. Love every single places I visited. Love the historical buildings, the sheep, the goats, the pie, the weather, and everything in between! <3

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