NZ South Island – PART 2

The Remarkables Edited 3                Pic : The Remarkables mountain range, Queenstown



The second largest city in NZ, Dunedin seems to have it all – contrasting landscapes, rare wildlife, history, culture, fine arts and street arts, heritage gardens, fine architecture, great food, world renowned university, chocolate factory, castle, sea and land and sunshine and snow. It certainly is a dynamic and charming city to stay in.  🙂 Wish we have more time here to explore everything…

First Church of Otago

C360_2015-07-12-14-44-31-371    C360_2015-07-12-14-54-14-795    C360_2015-07-12-14-45-23-246

Otago Farmers Market – every weekend at the railway station, fresh produce, great food and live music. Happening place to be.

C360_2015-07-11-10-40-28-154       C360_2015-07-11-10-40-43-848

C360_2015-07-11-10-57-09-993       C360_2015-07-11-11-26-38-152

Otago Peninsula – a scenic drive from the city centre along the coastal line with plenty of photo opportunities. Home to the Royal Albatross colony and the Yellow Eyed Penguins, one of the world’s rarest species. It is indeed rare, as we hid in the bunkers for an hour only to see 1 lone ranger out there. Hmm…….Perhaps it has been put up there so as not to disappoint us tourists lol!  😉  We were able to see some wild fur seals sunbathing though.

C360_2015-07-11-12-33-47-794       C360_2015-07-11-11-49-52-379

C360_2015-07-11-12-52-19-318       C360_2015-07-11-12-51-03-667

C360_2015-07-11-13-00-00-164       C360_2015-07-11-12-57-02-061

C360_2015-07-11-16-21-17-389       C360_2015-07-11-16-37-46-707

C360_2015-07-11-13-14-29-695       C360_2015-07-11-13-01-25-011

Signal Hill Lookout – more known to the locals than the tourists, this lookout point up the hill a short way from the city offers a marvellous panoramic view of the city and the peninsula on a clear day.

Signal Hill Lookout Edited

C360_2015-07-12-16-20-03-420       C360_2015-07-12-16-13-23-325

Baldwin Street – Guiness Book of Records World’s Steepest Street. This is also where the annual Jaffa rolling event is held, where 30k red numbered Cadbury Jaffa chocolates are rolled down from the top of this street in the name of charity.

C360_2015-07-12-16-33-58-826       C360_2015-07-12-16-36-48-271

IMG-20150713-WA0007  IMG-20150713-WA0010  IMG-20150713-WA0006

Dunedin Botanical Garden

C360_2015-07-13-10-26-07-921       C360_2015-07-13-10-47-41-526

C360_2015-07-13-10-50-49-634       C360_2015-07-13-10-38-37-912

C360_2015-07-13-10-49-34-427 C360_2015-07-13-10-34-51-667 C360_2015-07-13-10-44-53-349

Cadbury Factory Tour

C360_2015-07-13-13-01-58-650   C360_2015-07-13-12-41-29-882   C360_2015-07-12-11-43-13-211

Dunedin Railway Station – most photographed building in the country.

C360_2015-07-13-13-05-36-031       C360_2015-07-13-13-08-21-517

20150713_131056       20150710_215341

Hearty home-cooked meals at our friend Nora’s home(Thank you Nora and Christopher for having us 🙂 )

C360_2015-07-12-19-45-51-893       C360_2015-07-12-19-42-06-451

C360_2015-07-12-17-15-24-106       C360_2015-07-12-10-31-15-084


Queenstown Lake Wakatipu Edited

A beautiful and happening town nestled in the southern alpine region, next to the great Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by the one of the longest North-South mountain ranges in world, The Remarkables Range (Misty Mountains in The Hobbit).

C360_2015-07-15-08-58-33-214       C360_2015-07-15-08-58-07-744

C360_2015-07-15-09-24-43-341       C360_2015-07-15-09-24-54-805

20150715_094259       C360_2015-07-15-09-32-24-955

Queenstown is like a giant playground for all ages. The adventure capital of NZ, it’s the base for all sorts of fun and extreme sports in and around the town itself. There are 4 skiing fields within one or two hour’s drive from the town : Cardrona, Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Treble Cone. Not surprisingly it is a skiing and snowboarding haven for winter sports lovers. There’s also snowshoeing, snowmobile, heli-skiing and a whole lot of snow fun! 😀

For the adrenaline junkies, Queenstown is also the base for crazy canyon swings, bungee jumping, sky diving, 4WD canyoning, whitewater rafting, zip-trekking, rapids jetting and a whole lot of other exciting stuff to pump up those blood pressure. 😉

Queenstown Boat Edited 2

20150715_092545       C360_2015-07-15-09-29-18-698

Queenstown Garden – just like any other garden, but also the venue of a unique local past time called Frisbee Golf – as the name suggest, instead of hitting a golf ball each player throws a Frisbee disc to aim for a target in the course.

C360_2015-07-15-16-19-22-572       C360_2015-07-15-16-20-58-127

Frankton Road – Just for the heck of it, we hopped off a bus at Frankton Road on the way back from Arrowtown, and walked along the lakeside all the way back to Queenstown.  We were rewarded with cool crisp air, panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and a beautiful, seemingly endless lake; not a bad way to spend an afternoon. 🙂

C360_2015-07-15-14-59-30-047       C360_2015-07-15-14-51-48-225

C360_2015-07-15-14-51-34-714       C360_2015-07-15-14-59-25-378

C360_2015-07-15-15-05-16-782       C360_2015-07-15-15-15-43-892

C360_2015-07-15-15-27-13-060       C360_2015-07-15-16-38-49-529

Frankton Road Edited


A charming quaint little village located about 20 minutes’ bus ride from Queenstown. Rich in heritage from the goldrush of the 1800s. Until today, gold panning in the Arrow River is still one of the tourist activities in Arrowtown.

Buckingham Street – heritage streetscape with historical buildings converted into restaurants, cafes, commercial establishments and retail shops, post office, museum and information centre.

C360_2015-07-15-13-02-32-843       C360_2015-07-15-12-43-01-661

C360_2015-07-15-11-21-14-509       C360_2015-07-15-13-13-33-097

Chinese Settlement – a restored heritage village left by the hopeful Chinese goldrushers from the 19th century. The Chinese were poorly welcomed by the Europeans of the time and built their own settlement with tiny basic cottages and even stores to trade and provide for their own.

C360_2015-07-15-12-14-31-540       C360_2015-07-15-12-29-38-361

C360_2015-07-15-12-18-31-355       C360_2015-07-15-12-32-36-219

Arrow River nature walk – a cool and peaceful morning stroll amongst the mist in the forest along the river. A good time for some quiet reflections while breathing in the fresh crisp air and lovely surrounds…

C360_2015-07-15-11-28-32-053       C360_2015-07-15-11-59-56-146

C360_2015-07-15-11-36-28-267       C360_2015-07-15-11-48-58-679

C360_2015-07-15-11-45-08-068       C360_2015-07-15-11-29-58-688

The journey continues in ….. NZ South Island – PART 3

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