NZ South Island – PART 3

Milford Sound Edited



Is it really a Sound or a Fjord? What’s the difference? Simply said, a Sound is created by a river or ocean water, a Fjord by glaciers. So Milford Sound is actually a Fjord, created by huge glaciers, rushing through the rocks and carving out the marvellous giant rock formations with steep, almost vertical sides that extend deep under water as it is today. But I guess Milford Fjord is a mouthful, so that’s probably why they maintained the name. 😉


It was raining on this cold winter day as we journeyed into the Fjordlands, but we were told that it was actually our lucky day! As only after long hours of continuous rains will we get to see thousands of waterfalls (literally thousands of them!) all along the way once we entered the Fjordland and more in the fjord itself.

C360_2015-07-14-12-30-54-692       C360_2015-07-14-12-42-22-055

C360_2015-07-14-13-09-07-496       C360_2015-07-14-11-23-57-913

C360_2015-07-14-14-11-07-273       C360_2015-07-14-13-39-04-209

It was a long drive but not too boring as it has many stops for viewing spots as well as short bush walks along the way after Te Anau. If you opt for a glass-top bus, you can appreciate more of the journey especially once entered the Fjordlands.

L-R : Bush walk in The Chasm; Mirror Lakes – cyrstal clear reflections on a clear day; Te Anau rest stop; Feeding cute alpacas; A wild Kea bird – native to NZ South Island’s alpine regions, and the only truly alpine parrot in the world

C360_2015-07-14-13-10-18-472       C360_2015-07-14-12-59-24-203

C360_2015-07-14-11-34-10-959       20150714_103043

C360_2015-07-14-17-14-52-949       C360_2015-07-14-12-28-17-733

The strong winds of the fjord blowing the raging waters of the waterfall, creating a somewhat dancing waterfall.

C360_2015-07-14-14-23-17-551 C360_2015-07-14-14-22-56-594 C360_2015-07-14-14-23-05-235 C360_2015-07-14-14-23-08-321

Wild dolphins skipping along playfully next to our cruise.  It was certainly a sight you don’t get to see everyday. 😀

20150714_141733       20150714_141745

A giant rainbow over the various waterfalls – what a stunning sight!

20150714_142621       C360_2015-07-14-14-25-23-767

C360_2015-07-14-14-37-52-764       C360_2015-07-14-14-44-33-123

The nose of the cruise plunged into the bottom of a great big waterfall – a very cold and wet but awesome experience! 😀

C360_2015-07-14-14-49-20-203 C360_2015-07-14-14-24-20-689 C360_2015-07-14-14-53-13-889 C360_2015-07-14-14-11-25-430


About 1-2 hours from Queenstown, up a very long and winding road into the mountains. This is not the nearest but it is the best place for beginner skiers compared to the other 3 ski fields accessible from Queenstown, as it has a long and wide green pis, very suitable for new learners and rusty beginner-intermediates.  🙂

C360_2015-07-16-15-08-30-322       C360_2015-07-16-15-09-21-884

C360_2015-07-16-15-00-55-563      C360_2015-07-16-15-05-27-566

C360_2015-07-16-15-17-33-601       C360_2015-07-16-12-53-10-772

C360_2015-07-16-15-03-02-970       C360_2015-07-16-15-16-47-576

C360_2015-07-16-09-58-42-328 C360_2015-07-16-15-16-26-708 C360_2015-07-16-11-40-13-792


Aoraki / Mount Cook – highest mountain in NZ (3,724m / 12,218 ft), located in the Southern Alps in the centre of South Island.

C360_2015-07-17-13-33-48-533       C360_2015-07-17-13-21-28-563

C360_2015-07-17-12-47-26-548       C360_2015-07-17-12-53-03-476

C360_2015-07-17-12-54-01-280       C360_2015-07-17-13-05-22-988

Church of the Good Shepperd, Lake Tekapo

20150717_151348       C360_2015-07-17-15-14-06-597

C360_2015-07-17-14-39-50-085       C360_2015-07-17-12-57-30-620


19th century goldrush and coal mining town, the biggest town on the west coast of South Island. The heavy rains didn’t stop us from taking a long walk to explore the town. Walked all the way from the town centre to the beach holding a wet map, and then back to search for our motel somewhere along the main road. Wet like ducks from head to toe, we came back to a warm welcoming home cooked dinner back at our studio motel. 😀 Hard time drying up all our clothes though! 🙁

C360_2015-07-19-12-05-45-010       C360_2015-07-19-10-15-02-112

C360_2015-07-18-14-11-29-183       C360_2015-07-19-10-29-38-859

C360_2015-07-19-12-16-42-344       C360_2015-07-19-12-11-03-997

C360_2015-07-19-10-19-03-087       C360_2015-07-19-11-16-46-102

C360_2015-07-19-08-56-04-733       C360_2015-07-19-10-52-55-516

C360_2015-07-18-15-13-36-852       C360_2015-07-18-19-07-48-603


Scenic 6-hour train ride from Greymouth to Christchurch via Lake Brunner and the rugged alpine landscape of Arthur’s Pass National Park. Comfortable and cozy coach with tables and food serving facilities, but I think I spent 80% of the time standing at the open viewing deck. Marvellous photo opportunities and very very Ccooold winds! Bbbrrrrrrr……!! My fingers felt like icicles after every 10 minutes of photo shooting… 😉

C360_2015-07-19-15-44-53-691       C360_2015-07-19-14-04-56-080

C360_2015-07-19-15-05-04-338       C360_2015-07-19-14-03-24-626

C360_2015-07-19-14-33-43-561       C360_2015-07-19-14-35-06-270

C360_2015-07-19-14-17-05-297       C360_2015-07-19-14-38-27-947

C360_2015-07-19-14-57-28-268       C360_2015-07-19-16-13-38-273

C360_2015-07-19-16-10-52-231       C360_2015-07-19-16-13-11-672

C360_2015-07-19-16-02-08-661       C360_2015-07-19-15-44-10-058

C360_2015-07-19-16-03-39-106       C360_2015-07-19-16-21-04-568

C360_2015-07-19-16-19-48-268       C360_2015-07-19-16-20-21-933

C360_2015-07-19-16-27-36-333       C360_2015-07-19-16-27-39-687

C360_2015-07-19-16-28-19-718       C360_2015-07-19-16-28-25-535

C360_2015-07-19-16-27-16-455       C360_2015-07-19-16-56-54-163

C360_2015-07-19-17-06-38-265       C360_2015-07-19-17-06-12-949

C360_2015-07-19-16-53-57-507       C360_2015-07-19-17-02-39-578

The journey continues from…. NZ South Island PART 1  and  NZ South Island PART 2

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